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About PatternCreative

PatternCreative is a place where fashion creatives bring their design ideas to life. Yvonne El-Alam is a fashion industry expert who can develop design and technical solutions to any business or individual wanting to develop their product. 

PatternCreative is about being creative with patterns and garments and bringing design ideas to life. PatternCreative believes that all designs are possible to implement if given the space to creatively work out ideas.

PatternCreative believes in working efficiently and speaking a simple pattern language that all cutters and machinists can understand. Our patterns are developed with the manufacturing process in mind to ensure accuracy and efficiency in producing garments.

If you are an individual designer or a start-up business we can help with creating blocks and foundation patterns, patternmaking, toile and sample development, fitting solutions, technical sketches and specifications, and grading.

If you are an established business we can help redesign blocks, rework existing patterns, digitize existing patterns so that your patterns are saved digitally, patternmaking for new designs, cut and make samples to industry standards, technical specifications, and grading. 



Yvonne El-Alam

My passion for patternmaking has always been the driving force in my fashion career. Ever since I was little, when I used to create patterns using newspaper, which was how my grandmother taught me, I’ve always been interested in the details that come together to create a garment. My career has led me to experience the technical side of clothing production and develop a constant growth and expertise in my patternmaking. 

I love co-creating with others and watching their designs come to life as we work together. I love working with machinists who are always willing to impart their expertise to me and create a special working relationship where patterns are created to be easy to develop and sew.

I have worked with businesses in fast-fashion, high-end couture, stretch wear and knitwear, corporate wear, and mainstream designs. Each area requires specific skills and I am blessed to have had such a variety of clients that allow me to utilise these skills often.

I am excited to be using the Style CAD system in my business which cuts down on paper or cardboard usage as well as allowing for a multitude of pattern designs to be easily saved and access when needed. This saves storage space and pattern resources, which leaves room and time for being creative!

I am here to help you succeed in developing your designs into real products that you can proudly sell and wear. 


"It has been my absolute pleasure to work with Yvonne on a number of garment projects for my business designs. If you want a pattern maker with intelligence, knowledge and the desire to solve problems, Yvonne, with her attention to detail, cannot be surpassed."

- Rhyce Winterbourne

"Yvonne was a pleasure to work with. She went out of her way to speak to us and understand exactly what we needed. This helped us produce an outstanding result which set us through on our path for success. Not only that, she was also able to apply her industry knowledge and insights as well as her personal flair to everything we worked on. Easy going, helpful, and simply lovely -we couldn't recommend her more."

- Yema Akbar

"I first approached Yvonne El-Alam in 2013 to facilitate training for an online fashion design vocational education training (VET) program I was managing for Registered Training Organisation. As a facilitator, I found that Yvonne has a natural aptitude for coaching and mentoring her learners. She establishes and maintains learning environments, which are motivating, supportive, caring and encourages learners to take responsibility for own learning.
Since then, Yvonne has been contracted to author online educational content; through this experience she demonstrates the ability to develop industry current and engaging learning and assessment materials. I found she is adaptable, high organised and capable to delivery on tight deadlines.
As a creative and talented manual and CAD patternmaker, grader and garment technician, Yvonne is experienced in translating design concepts into patterns, prototypes, technical specification sheets and packages. She is highly experienced in garment construction, production, sizing requirements and fitting. Yvonne holds advanced technical and problem-solving skills, attention to detail coupled with the ability to organise and manage multiple projects and deadlines.  
Yvonne is a highly skilled educational professional coupled with extensive industry experience in patternmaking, grading, textiles and fashion. I have found that she is committed to maintaining her professional currency and quality customer service.
I would recommend PatternCreative to people who need a facilitator, educator, mentor, designer, fashion industry consultant, learning and assessment content developer and validator, manual and CAD patternmaker, grader and garment technician. 
Yvonne is a vibrant team member, who will embrace your company’s culture and practices. I have always found that she acts in an ethically and honest way and brings an abundance of creative energy into any team."

- Emese Bryan - Creative Director - Design Studio 57